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Automation Website UX Case Study

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Project Description

The scope of the project is to create a new website for SimLogic to be used as a marketing tool with a catchy and ease of accessing the informative gateway for the visitors to reach all the up to date information they might need about SimLogic automation services, and projects.

The website will be designed and developed to facilitate the communication with the target segments, having a content management system usable for the website administrators to be able to manage to add the content about the companies and their services, products, projects, job vacancies and all the information that they might need to be added classified in sections/ categories/ content.

Project Focus
What i Did

UX is much more then wire-frames, it’s about understanding the user flow and how they get from A to B without getting lost or distressed.

  • Ux Design
  • Design WordPress Responsive child theme building.
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